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Man up! Moisturise.

That's it! Last shave done, you decided to grow a beard. First a bit of stubble, little longer, looking good, and then the itch. You scratch, it itches, you scratch more, it itches more. Thankfully, we got a solution to that.

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Beard Oil vs Beard Balm

Oil or Balm. We hear this question all the time. Which one do I use? What’s the difference? Do I need both? Yes, you want both and there is a difference...

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Aloe Vera for hair

Most know aloe (or aloe vera) as the perfect solution for sunburn, but we also use it in our beard balm. It’s another one of nature’s little miracle, and effective at treating dandruff, frizzy and oily hair. With a chemical makeup similar to that of your own hair, aloe helps promote hair growth while locking in moisture, helping keep hair and beards soft and shiny...

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