5 healthy skin and hair tips

Winter can be unfair to our skin and hair due to the cold harsh weather, this can sap out every bit of moisture. What better time to start updating your skin care routine with things that offer active ingredients such as glycolic acid and vitamin C, that will give you the glow you are dreaming about and most importantly keep your face feeling moisturised. Our hair yearns to stay hydrated to maintain its natural elasticity. Lower temperatures can have a negative impact on our curls and coils leaving our hair dry which can cause breakage in the long run. Protecting your skin and beard game until spring is very much needed to see the cold winter through.

So we thought we’d share some tips to help your hair and skin thrive in the Winter season.

Stepping up your skincare routine

Cleansing your face of all impurities is beneficial, it helps to remove dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells. Our Cleansing Brick, can help to detoxify and invigorate your skin and hair without stripping moisture. As Winter can leave our skin feeling dry, this is a great product for leaving your skin feeling refreshed and clean.

Fresh vegA variety of fresh veg can benefit your skin, hair and overall health.

Time to detox

A healthy diet can make a difference, diets that are rich in fat, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins help to promote younger looking skin. Eating more balanced foods can benefit your skin and health in general. You might even find some of that glycolic acid and much needed vitamin C in doing so too!

Drinking water on a regular basis has plenty of benefits for your skin as it is the largest organ of our bodies. Increasing your veggie intake will have it looking as if you just jumped off a plane from sunny Barbados! As it is Veganuary, why not try a vegan diet for the new year.

Dry January

A bonafide beauty pro will agree for a healthy-looking complexion you need to invest, time, patience, and some good old TLC. Cutting back on alcohol does the world of good, no better time as this is the month of dry January. Quitting the alcohol for a while can help in making your skin much better.

Rethink your hair game

Deep conditioning is great for promoting hair growth and key for moisture. Doing so biweekly with your favourite deep conditioner from roots to end helps to keep the hair hydrated and reduce damage and breakage. It also helps to restore and repair damaged hair. Restoring and strengthening natural hair and maintaining moisture levels.

Man washing his beardWashing your beard is a must

Prioritise your beard

Maintaining a flourishing beard takes the utmost time and patience, washing your beard on a regular basis, keeping it hydrated and making sure to moisturise your face and the skin beneath the beard. In addition making sure to choose the right products catered for your skin and hair type.