Aloe Vera for hair

Aloe VeraAloe Vera via Unsplash

Most know aloe (or aloe vera) as the perfect solution for sunburn, but we also use it in our beard balm. It’s another one of nature’s little miracle, and effective at treating dandruff, frizzy and oily hair. With a chemical makeup similar to that of your own hair, aloe helps promote hair growth while locking in moisture, helping keep hair and beards soft and shiny. It also adds elasticity to your hair helping prevent breakage so you can start saying goodbye to those split ends.

It’s not just the heat that will dry out your beard, the cold air can really dry out both hair and skin so products like our beard balm with aloe vera will help moisturise and add elasticity to hair helping prevent your beard becoming brittle and your skin dry and flaky. No one wants a chapped face now do they!

So whether you living it up in the big city or breezing island life, if you bearding, balm up and look out for products containing aloe, often written Aloe Barbadensis on labels.