Beard oil to make your beard grow faster

Jaye Newton knows growing a beard takes time and effortJaye Newton knows growing a beard is work. Photo by Natrice Miller

Recently a few men been getting in touch saying that they just started growing a beard and asking if we make anything to make it grow faster.

Now you know I am a man that like to help people however I can, but I had to be upfront. Beard oil, beard balm, supplements or anything so, will not make your beard or any hair for that matter, grow faster. Some people might be trying to tell you that they got some miracle growth oil or something that will do it, but I telling yuh they playing tricks.

You see hair does grow at an individual rate for all of us. Typically curly and afro hair grows slower than straight hair, but each person's hair will also grow at its own rate. In fact sometimes you might find one area grows faster than the next. You might notice that when you head down to the barber and one bit always seem to need more work than the next. Same thing for yuh beard. It depends on active follicles and each one growing at its own rate. So in the case of yuh beard sometimes it might mean that it will tell you what style it going be!

João Miranda can tell you about growing a beard styleJoão Miranda can tell you about growing a beard style

So if beard oil and beard balm and all that don't make your beard grow faster what de point of it is then? Both are designed to maintain healthy hair and skin, adding back moisture and lost nutrients allowing for your beard to grow healthily. The oils help replenish these nutrients, add moisture and elasticity back into the hair making it less fragile so it doesn't break as easy. Split ends are reduced as well which means that you need to trim less too. And less split ends and less breakage means your beard ain't getting shorter before it getting longer resulting in what appears to be more growth. When in fact the growth is the same, it's just that you didn't lose most of it due to breakage.

But it don't end with beard oil and beard balm, washing regularly, stimulating the follicles and having a healthy diet also contributes to healthy beards. So a little less fry chicken and a bit more steam fish going make a lot of difference, and you going feel better for it too, but I will go into that another time.

Let me know how you getting on with yuh beard growth and if you got any tips that working for you share them in de comments for others to see.