Beardcare for black men with beards (or without)

Black man with beardBlack man with beard by William Stitt

Someone ask me the other day why we does do this. I had to ask what he mean. He say, “I love your stuff but what is the difference between what you doing and what other companies doing? I mean like how do I know what brand or products I should be using?”

Had to explain that #AllBeardsArentEqual or hair for that matter. Curly and afro hair is drier, thicker and rougher than caucasian hair which is what leads to breakages. And if you mixed race it’s a lottery what qualities your hair going have. So the type of product that a man with straight hair uses don’t always work as best it can for you. So that’s what we focus on, ensuring black men with beards (or without) are looked after and have the right beardcare and haircare.

He went, “I got you boss!” and gimme a fist bump. He then turn and say, “So why that is? Why afro hair dry so and what can I do about it?” Had me now thinking I going have to explain this in more a little more detail, and since I know there are many black men (and women) asking the same thing about their hair and haircare I will do a little write up about it.

Hair follicles come in different shapes. Got some pictures here courtesy of my friend Anjana.

Cross section of hair follicle
Hair follicle growthDiagrams of hair growth and follicle shape courtesy of Anjana, Curls & Beauty Diary

The more oval and flatter the hair follicle the kinkier and curlier your hair and the more at an angle it grows. The flatter shape is usually common with black people, although not always. That ribbon shape makes it more fragile, and because it is thicker and curling over itself it means that the natural hair oils that are there to moisturise can’t distribute it evenly around the coiling hair, leading it to becoming dry. So you got already fragile hair becoming dry and it breaks. On top of that, afro hair has a rougher texture and grows slower. So older, more brittle hair and a rough texture which is easier to catch things on it, like a brush or a comb, just makes breakages even more common.

I say that is why we work with professional hairdressers and barbers and focus carefully on our ingredients because your hair needs more moisture to keep it strengthened. With caucasian hair you don’t need as much moisture, but we don’t want you to just put on more stuff because then you going just have greasy hair, probably get acne and anyone you get too close to going have a face full of oil too!

It’s not just about using natural things either, but the right things. So we use Jojoba oil because it mimics your hair's chemical make up and is easily absorbed. Avocado helps prevent damage and itchiness from having a dry scalp or face (there is skin under that beard remember). Argan oil manages them rough edges and reduces the frizz, while coconut oil locks in water and them oils helping prevent the moisture escaping so everything can get to work.

He went “Now I got you!” and hopefully now you do to. Of course if you got any questions then just drop we a line and ask. We here to help each other.