Cleansing 101

Man washing hands

Simply put, cleaning. Cleansers remove dirt, oil, impurities and other things that build up on your skin and in hair. Regular cleansing of your face and hair helps prevent that build up of oil, grease and dirt. If you didn’t you’d end up with a thick layer of grim, greasy hair and clogged pores which can result in acne. Not nice for you or your loved ones. And believe it or not cleansing helps ensure your skin stays properly hydrated by removing excess oil allowing water to properly penetrate skin.

How often you need to do it will depend on your skin type. You probably don’t want to do it more than twice a day, morning and evening, but some people find doing it once a day in the evening and just rinsing with water in the morning is the right balance for them. With hair, including beards again it depends. If you have oily skin you might find you need to cleanse more often whereas others might find only 2 or 3 times a week is enough.

cleansing helps ensure your skin stays properly hydrated

Typically cleansers aren’t foam based whereas face wash and soaps are. However with hair you will find a foam based product will work best as it will be able to get in amongst the hair follicles and clean more thoroughly. Facial cleansers are usually more gentle and can have nourishing properties too. But as you know, All Cleansers Aren’t Equal! Our Cleansing Brick is a solid shampoo bar so it is foam based. But unlike many soaps and solid shampoos, it is packed with moisturising oils including Argan Oil and Shea Butter so it isn’t harsh on skin making it suitable for all skin types and leaves skin and hair feeling nourished and clean.

And now you know. Scrub up good. Feel good. And don't forget to moisturise after!