How to grow a beard

João Miranda at Figaros Barbers LisboaJoão Miranda by Pedro Dias

"I don't cut it for quite a long time"

- João Miranda

So you want to grow a beard. Little trick, just leave it man. Let de damn thing grow!

Check this. If you cut your beard every time it grow a little bit, it will be like it never even grow!

Truth is you got to go through de 'bad stage'. De 'grow out' stage. In fact, it's only then that you going really see what style your beard going tell you, you going have! Sometimes it will just need to do its own thing. Not everyone has active follicles in the same place or even the same hair! So again just let it grow.

João Miranda at Figaros Barbers LisboaJoão Miranda

A man with a solid beard, we hit up João Miranda at Barberia Manolo's on how he decided on a toothpick beard.

"I decided to grow a beard a year and a half ago because I always wanted one. It only grows in the centre so changed my plans from a big full beard to a big centre toothpick beard."

- João Miranda

Look after it, keep it clean, keep it moisturised with a light and easily absorbed beard oil, natural ingredients if you can, then you can worry about styling it when you got something to style.

Split ends? Once it has grown some use some sharp scissors. Not blades. Not razors. Hairdressing scissors. You will thank yourself. We can get into it another time. Don't cut off too much, just above the split is good enough. A little trim once and a while is good to keep hair healthy, just remember not to cut more than it grows.

It also helps to massage the skin. Gently in circular motions. It will help with blood circulation which in turn helps stimulate the hair follicles. You can buy a stimulator brush if you want but really it's about getting that blood flowing to the right places. A good face massage from time to time won't hurt.

"Be persistent"

- João Miranda
João Miranda at Figaros Barbers LisboaJoão Miranda

Remember growing a beard is like anything else. Give it time, stay positive and just ride it out, it going come good. Your beard might grow differently to someone else's, so just let it do its own thing.

"It moisturises well and I love the smell."

João swears by beard oil and is a fan of Grapefruit & Caramel Tobacco Beard and Shave Oil.