How to use beard oil

Our man Aftr Drk shows you how to use beard oil properly.

You’ve got that bottle of beard oil sitting there because you know you needed some (or someone else thought you needed some). Now what? Well my friend, we got our man Aftr Drk to give you a little demonstration. Check de video to see how he does it.

Of course, each man has his own little way of how he likes to apply beard oil. For example, if you have a shorter beard you might choose to put a penny size drop in your hands to rub together and then massage into your beard. The important thing is to thoroughly get that oil from tip to root, which is why you want to grab yourself a good comb.

And remember beard oil works best in combination with beard balm to help keep it working harder for longer. You can read about the difference between beard oil and beard balm here.

Aftr Drk’s personal favourite is Bergamot & Spice Beard and Shave Oil.