Let's end hair discrimination

Main twirling his afro hair

Despite laws protecting against racial discrimination, afro hair discrimination still exists and remains a prejudice be it in schools or the work place. We are working to change that.

To help with that and create guidance on what is and isn’t acceptable, we’ve teamed up with Enact Equality and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Race Equality in Education to work with the Equality and Human Rights Commission to launch a survey, supported by Mr Blackman’s and a host of other brands.

The survey wants to know what your experience has been of hair discrimination, which will be collected and shared with senior leaders to inform solid guidelines to use in school across the UK.

It follows a letter sent by Kim Johnson MP to the Equality and Human Rights Commission in October 2021 asking for greater guidance on the law measures to end hair discrimination. This letter was the first step promoting the enforcement of equality and non-discrimination laws in England, Scotland and Wales. Now it's time to have your say and help to put a long overdue stop to hair discrimination.  

Leading the conversation, founder of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Race Equality in Education L’myah Sherae says: “Afro hair discrimination is racism - and, discrimination based on hair texture is illegal. We’re encouraging all Black communities, and parents of children with Afro hair, to take part in our national scoping exercise and share their experiences. All of the responses we receive will be shared with senior policy leaders, and will be used to directly inform the creation of new resources and guidance at national level. This, we hope, will transform schools across England, Scotland and Wales.”

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Together we can end hair discrimination