MAN,Go Grab that award!

We don't often give ourselves enough praise but today, we are shouting from de rooftop. We proud!

Today we found out we were awarded a Commendation in the Men's Grooming Category of the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 for our Face & Skin Moisturiser. As a small black-owned business with no big machine, no big investors and 100% independent to get that in what is one of de hardest categories? We proud of dat!

When we set out to create a moisturiser, it couldn't just be a moisturiser, it had to work hard! It had to work day and night. It needed to be gentle enough for all skin types. And importantly it needed to help men fight razor bumps, ingrown hair and improve dark spots. A lot to ask from one product!

But it's only thanks to you that this is possible. All the men (and ladies) who tell us what they want, what problems they face, what they want us to fix, that personally try the products and provide feedback, and to those buying and talking about them! Much love to you all. We can't thank you enough. 👊🏾🙏🏾

Now if you ain't tried our award-winning Face & Skin Moisturiser, go long and get some! It smells good too!