Man up! Moisturise.

Fresh trim via Twin Barbers BrixtonFresh trim via Twin Barbers Brixton

That's it! Last shave done, you decided to grow a beard. First a bit of stubble, little longer, looking good, and then the itch. You scratch, it itches, you scratch more, it itches more. Before you know it your face inflamed, you got ingrown hairs, and at worse you’ve given up and shaved it off. Truth is though, if you want that beard you just going have to man up, and moisturise.

We’ve all been there. It’s just part of it. It happens because as your hair grows longer it eventually bends round to touch your skin, and those ends are sharp, especially if you’ve been shaving.

What you can do is use a bit of oil and balm to moisturise your skin and hair. Ideally a natural one free from irritants. It will help soften the hair and lessen the irritation. If it’s really bad use a lotion specifically for itchy skin. Don't rub or scratch too hard because it going just make the irritation worse.

Now them ingrown hairs. Curly and wiry hair prone to this. And most common when you shave because the hair is constantly curling over itself. Trick one, is to stop shaving and let it grow. If you leave it they will hopefully pierce the skin and all will be ok. But what you don’t want to be doing is squeezing them like a spot. You could make it infected and then you going be in the same mess again or it could even end up scarring. If you must, use a hot towel to open the pores, clean with some alcohol and then use tweezers​ to pull out from the root. Don’t forget to close the pores with a cold wash after. If it’s really bad speak to a dermatologist. You don’t want to be messing around damaging your skin.

So, manage that bad stage and before you know it you going have that beard that you can shape just the way you want.