To wash or not to wash your beard

Man washing his beardMan washing his beard

Scrub up good!

When it comes to washing your beard some say that the best routine is not to wash it. Let me tell you, if you don’t wash your beard, you are only asking for trouble.

Remember that time you forgot to wash your head hair for weeks? Eventually, it begins to itch, and if you leave it too long you end up with spots and inflamed hair. It's the same thing with your face. And if you are using beard oil and balm that only adds to the problem.

Oils, both the ones you put on to moisturise and natural ones your skin produces create build-up. They will eventually block pores leading to spots and oily skin leading to dandruff, or beardruff. The same way you take care of your hair you want to take care of your beard and the skin below (don't forget there is skin below that beard!).

Now remember it is your face so you don’t want ordinary hair shampoo but a gentle conditioning shampoo along with regularly washing your face. And when you're done, get some natural beard oil on while it still a little damp to lock in the moisture, and comb through some natural beard balm with Shea butter.

Mr Blackman's will help you, man. Don’t fret, we got frizzy, curly and dry hair covered.

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