Winter beard survival

Winter beard care for curly hairWinter beard care for Brandon Dymon is important

You spent the whole summer getting some good beard growth and now the cold air coming, hard and fast. During colder months the humidity in the air becomes drying, stripping hair and skin of moisture. So as autumn takes hold for some of us, looking after your skin and facial hair becomes even more important. When winter finally sets in, it only going be worse with the limited moisture freezing, cracking skin and making hair brittle. But that don't mean all your hard work gone to waste. Here are a few simple tips to help your beard and skin survive winter till summer come round again.

It might sound obvious but it goes without saying you need to put back the moisture that is being drawn from your hair and skin. Beard oil is a must during winter, and beard balm will help keep that oil working harder for longer. And don't neglect the skin underneath that beard! A highly moisturising cream or oil will give back to skin what winter taking away. Even a little unscented beard oil will work well as a facial oil.

Drink more water
Your body loss between 3 and 4 litres of water every day. 1-2 of that is just from breathing. So like moisturising, it goes without saying keep your body topped up with water. Coffee, sweet drinks and alcohol don't count. The amount you need to drink will depend on where you live, how active you are and your weight. Easiest thing is when you grab yourself another coffee to have at yuh desk, get a glass of water.

With the dry weather and central heating it's likely you might experience the dreaded beard-ruff. Yes, that is beard dandruff. You need to make sure that not only is the skin underneath your beard moisturised but that you remove dead skin cells. Make sure when you are moisturising that you get down to the skin too

Don't rub your beard
You know when you stand on frozen grass how it does break? The water in it has frozen so when you bend it, it snaps. The same thing happens to your hair so try not to ruff it about as much as you might want to. Which leads easily on to not going outside with a wet beard (or face really). I think you get the idea of what going happen if you do. Always gently towel dry.

Turn down the heat
Maybe not the heating in your house but in the shower. Heat dries out hair, the radiators going and you jumping between hot rooms and the cold outside that don't do anything any good. Try to mix it up by having some cooler showers. When you do have hot showers always remember to do a cold rinse to close the pore and prevent germs getting in. We don't want to go back to the days of ingrown hairs and spots!

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