Our Story

I grew up in Barbados, when mens’ care wasn’t really a thing. Of course you still wanted to look good, but there wasn’t much to chose from, and definitely not for coarse, curly or afro hair. If it didn’t leave your skin itchy or hair oily, it simply didn’t work.

I ain’t a man to hang around. I knew a little about plants and have always believed that nature provides much of what we need, if you understand how to use it.

Island life teaches you to be resourceful. We don't need to overcomplicate things. Surrounded by nature, a variety of plants, fruit and the ocean you soon learn Mother Nature got you covered.

So now, that is what I do. Handmade the same way I always have. Inspired by my Bajan home, using natural products, free of things nature never intended for us to use — the way things were meant to be.

"This is not a phase. It’s the revolution."