Meet the
Cleansing Brick

For bearding, shaving and everything else

Runner up Best Shaving Product

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020

Why use more, when one will do

A multi purpose solid shampoo and shaving soap designed to cleanse and lather up just the way you need it to, regardless of what you need it for.


Activated charcoal

Made from crushed coconut shell activated charcoal draws dirt and impurities from hair and skin.

Nilotica shea butter

Unrefined and direct from Uganda, Nilotica Shea butter is more conditioning and moisturising than it’s West African cousin.

Aloe vera extract

With natural anti-inflammatory properties aloe vera helps draw moisture to skin. Need we say more?


Highly moisturising, coconut oil ensures a good lather for cleansing and a clean shave.

You’ll never want a new soap

You’d think it would be drying but it’s not! My skin has never been cleaner, softer or brighter. This sh*t is legit!

Mr Ronz, UK

Rough around the edges, gentle on your face